Choosing To Change Your Finances

  • 5 Questions to Ask Before Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    7 July 2020

    Filing for bankruptcy is not something you should rush into, as it has consequences. To determine if you should file, you should first talk to a bankruptcy lawyer. Next, you might want to ask yourself the following five questions. 1. Are You Eligible? The first question to ask your lawyer is if you are eligible to file. This branch of bankruptcy is not open to everyone who needs help with their debts.

  • Signs That You Should Start Considering Bankruptcy

    2 June 2020

    It is not always easy to seek help when you need it, but seeking help is the only option in some cases. If you are currently experiencing financial problems and are ready to get help, you should consider bankruptcy. If you are not sure if this is a good option, see how many of the following signs you can relate too, as these are red flags that tell you that you need help.

  • Documents You Need When Filing For Bankruptcy

    25 February 2020

    If you recently evaluated several types of debt-relief services and are learning towards bankruptcy, you will need to start preparing to meet with a bankruptcy lawyer to find out more about it. You should prepare for this meeting by gathering up essential documents you will need for your evaluation and filing. Here are the most common documents that bankruptcy lawyers ask clients to bring to consultation visits. Proof of Income from Every Source

  • 6 Signs Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Is The Right Choice For You

    11 February 2020

    If you are struggling financially and your debts are really adding up, you may want to consider filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Before you contact an attorney to start the process, go through this checklist to see if Chapter 7 bankruptcy makes sense for you right now. Sign #1: Creditors Are After You When you don't pay your bills or your loans and become more than three months behind, your bills will more than likely get sent to a collection agency.

  • Top 5 Signs You Might Want To Consider Bankruptcy

    7 February 2020

    Bankruptcy might not be something you ever thought you would need to file, but there might come a time when you do. If you are struggling financially, bankruptcy could be a solution to your problems. If you are not sure if you should consider it, here are five signs that can help you know if bankruptcy is something you should consider filing at this time. You Have Bill Collectors Calling

  • How To Get Ready To Meet With A Bankruptcy Lawyer

    3 February 2020

    Hiring a bankruptcy attorney to represent your interests is a big step to take. You'll likely want to go into the meeting as well prepared as possible. Here are four tips to make sure you'll be ready when you sit down with a bankruptcy lawyer. Assembling Documents At its core, the bankruptcy process is usually dominated by providing supporting documentation for your case. Collect the basic documents that will give the court some idea of what your financial situation has been over the last couple of years.

  • What Is The Purpose Of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

    29 January 2020

    Petitioning for protection under Chapter 7 bankruptcy law is widely considered a big step to take. In particular, Chapter 7 is intended to liquidate a large percentage of a person's assets in exchange for dismissing their outstanding debts. Given how drastic a choice it is, prospective filers should learn a bit about the purpose of the process and whether it might be the right option for them. The Goal of Chapter 7 Filings